Doypack Packing Machine
As a specialist of Doypack machine , Shanghai Acepack Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. can offer you comprehensive selections of goods in this industry
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  • Description
By using a variety of heat sealable multi-layer complex film, our doypack machine series horizontal FFS packaging machine is designed for packaging doypack (standup pouches) and is fully automatic system for pouch forming, filling, sealing. Equipped with our filling or dosing system, customer can fill various products: powder, liquid or granule.

Packaging Material

  • Acepack packaging machines are ideal packaging machines for industries of food, spices, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and fine chemical or agrochemical market. It can be applied for liquid, sauce, powder, granules and pills with flexible filling devices. The products made by the machine are featured with high strength of seal, good reliability, and good appearance.

Package Type

  • Doypack machine series are committed itself to standup pouch forming by roll film, liquid or solid filling, thermal top sealing. It can automatically packing product in standard doypack, zipper doypack, center spout doypack, or corner spout doypack with suitable packing machine modle.

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