Service Advantage

Team: We have a professional team with rich experience and strong technical skills, capable of providing high-quality, specialized after-sales services, available 24 hours to serve you.

Personalized Customization:We can tailor solutions according to the specific needs and issues of customers, ensuring that each customer receives a personalized service experience.

Continuous Care: We not only focus on post-sales services after product sales but also emphasize building long-term relationships with customers, continuously providing care and support to ensure ongoing improvement in customer satisfaction.

On-Site Installation and Commissioning: For every equipment sold, our engineers will conduct on-site installation and commissioning to ensure that the equipment is ready for production use at the earliest opportunity.

Machine Training: In addition to initial installation and training sessions and providing training manuals, we also offer regular monthly follow-up training to ensure that customers become proficient in using the packaging equipment.

Maintenance: We provide services for equipment upgrades, replacement of spare parts, and offer a one-year warranty period.

  • Q:Are you manufacturer or trading company?

    A: We are manufacturer. Our factory is located in Shanghai, warmly welcome to visit us.

  • Q:How far is your factory from the airport?

    A: Our factory is only 1 hour from Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVC) and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. We can pick you up from the airport.

  • Q:Can you pick me up from my hotel in the downtown of Shanghai?

    A: Yes, sure.

  • Q:What kind of bags can your packing machine pack?

    A: Our packing machine can pack doypack( stand up pouch) and sachet( flat bag). Optional function includes adding zipper, spout, making shaped pouch, etc.

  • Q:What product can your packing machine pack?

    A: Our packing machine can pack different types of product, such as powder, granule and liquid. Also our machine can pack irregular product.

  • Q:What is the packing capacity( speed) of your machine?

    A: We have simplex machine(30-80 ppm), duplex machine(60-160 ppm), triplex machine(90-240 ppm) and quadruplex machine(120-320 ppm).

  • Q:What kind of payment do you accept?

    A: We accept bank transfer and letter of credit. For other payment, please check with us.

  • Q:How long is the delivery time?

    A: It depends on which model you order. Standard machine commonly is 30-60 days. Customized machine need longer time.

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