Feb 28 2020

Since February 10, 2020, the company has carried out comprehensive and detailed response measures: every day, there are special personnel in charge of the disinfection of the office area, the restoration personnel regularly disinfect the bottom of shoes, regularly measure the body temperature and register it in the book, and issue medical masks every day , each person issues hand free protective fluid, special personnel patrol abnormality, etc. At present, the daily work of Acepack intelligence has returned to normal. The great guarantee for workers to work safely is the love and care that Acepack family gives to each family member.

Look, it's time to get off work. Everyone at the guard's office has lined up orderly and is waiting for the temperature to be measured.

Hey! What seems to be going on among our colleagues in the administration department? Let's have a look.

It turned out to be vitamin C tablets.

In novel coronavirus, vitamin C is a great artifact. Four for each person. In addition to eating by themselves, you can also enjoy it with your family. When instant noodles, masks and 84 disinfectants are all in short supply, the company has vigorously purchased these precious vitamin C tablets, which is really warm and great love for employees.

The author thinks that a company, no matter how strong she is, is responsible for the society, caring for its employees, caring for them and considering them all the time. It is really a friendly and respectable company with a sense of social responsibility. This is what Acepack did! Thank you Acepack, thank you for the love and warmth from this big family.

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