Mar 22 2018
In March 24th, the 98th China Sugar and Drinks Fair ended in the so-called "the land of abundance" Sichuan Chengdu China West International Expo City perfectly. In the three day exhibition, exhibitors and spectators entered more than 400 thousand entries, creating a new record of the history. 

The leading brand of domestic packaging machinery industry, Shanghai Acepack showed up in this exhibition with the horizontal vacuum packaging machine and duplex output packaging machine, starts the 2018 "war" horn. Intelligent products and warm service make Acepack particularly eye-catching in this exhibition, and attract food manufacturers from all over the country.

Innovation drives development, and quality wins the market. In the competition of the packaging machinery industry for many years, Shanghai Acepack has always adhered to the main industry, with the courage to advance, the innovation as the guide, the quality as the foundation, the consummate manufacturing process and the improvement of the quality of the high-end products, from the research and development of the intelligent package production line to the after-sale service for each package, from manufacturing to safety. From loading to debugging, we consolidate the foundation and constantly changing quality. From inside to outside, we show the quality of Acepack from appearance, efficiency to market and sales.

As the representative of the packaging machinery industry, Shanghai Acepack will work diligently and continuously in the coming days to bring better products and better service to the customers.  
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