How is the candy coffee granule packing machine packed
Aug 25 2022
When it comes to bag in bag candy packaging, I have to mention the candy packaging machine. We should know that packaging can not only effectively prevent the "invasion" of microorganisms and dust pollution, but also improve the health and safety of food. Therefore, the role of candy packaging machine in the food industry is self-evident. In this rapidly developing market economy, the speed requirement promotes the transformation and upgrading of candy packaging machine from semi-automatic to intelligent.

The packaging level of traditional food such as chocolate and candy in China lags behind that of developed countries, mainly due to the backward packaging equipment, few types of packaging materials and poor packaging quality. To fill this gap, we can only take the road of independent innovation. Therefore, the domestic candy and chocolate packaging machine should take the design direction of high-speed automation and characteristics as the development goal. At present, the packaging methods of candy and chocolate in China mainly include pillow packaging and folding packaging. Winding packaging is an ancient packaging form, mainly used for candy packaging. Bag in bag candy packaging can be realized by horizontal packaging machine.

With the popularity of pillow packaging machine, pillow packaging is adopted for most candy and chocolate packaging. Folding design packaging, mainly used for chocolate products and candy packaging, suitable for making roll bags, strip bags and combined bags. This product packaging structure has high requirements on equipment and materials.

In recent years, the domestic candy packaging technology has made gratifying achievements in the introduction, cooperation and independent innovation, and has made certain achievements in the candy equipment and packaging machinery series, such as inflatable milk candy production line, colloidal soft candy automatic production line, vacuum baking ultra-thin syrup device, cotton candy production line, etc. Particle packaging machine is an automati

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