On the advantages of horizontal packaging machine and the development process of Acepack
Sep 15 2021

The advantage of the horizontal packaging machine mainly comes from its product structure.Taking the bag making horizontal packaging machine as an example, the horizontal packaging machine first completes the bag making (folding, bottom sealing, vertical sealing and cutting of the packaging film) and then fills the materials.

In this way, the packaging bag is formed under the condition of empty bag, which can ensure that the finished product has a very flat appearance; Each heat sealing block of the horizontal packaging machine controls the pressure and heat sealing temperature separately, which can have better adaptability to ensure the sealing strength of the finished product;

There is a special material cup for material guidance during material filling, so that the material will not have direct contact with the packaging film, which can ensure that the top seal of the product will not be unable to be sealed due to material inclusion;

The overall structure of the horizontal packaging machine is relatively open, and the height of each functional part is moderate, which is more convenient for use and maintenance; The functional components of the machine are distributed laterally from left to right or from right to left. Theoretically, the functional suite can be added infinitely to meet different packaging functional requirements

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